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4 years ago · by · Comments Off on Life as We Know It !

Life as We Know It !

A long time ago, in Ancient Greece, there lived a great philosopher that went by the name of Heraclitus. Among the many philosophical theories that he devised, one in particular stands out; that ever-present change is the fundamental essence of the universe. He believed that, the only constant thing in life is change, that no man can step into the same river twice, that “everything flows” (“τα πάντα ρει”).

Heraclitus couldn’t be closer to the truth. What held true then, in Ancient Greece, still holds true today, in the modern world. From the day we are born until the day our life journey comes to an end, we experience one change after another – we switch jobs, some new people come to our life while others depart from it, our children have a change of heart and decide that they don’t want to study accountancy when they grow up but architecture instead, and the tuition fees have now moved up to €100.000 from the originally-estimated €30.000. Change is an essential ingredient of life, so present in the latter as oxygen itself.

So, what do we do about change, how do we tackle it? First, we plan for it. We anticipate it. We refuse to let it catch us by surprise. Then we take action. We put safeguards in place, so that, when change comes, we are prepared to embrace it rather than fear it.

Planning can be very effective when done correctly. We may not be able to predict the future and the Delphi Oracle is no longer at our disposal for rendering prognostication services, however there are certain things that we can do so as to ensure that our future, although unpredictable, it will hold rays of sunlight and not drops of rain when it comes about.

The key to good and effective planning is to have a thorough understanding of your needs, current and future. A detailed assessment of these needs will indicate what you will be required to do now so as to arrive at a future that you commanded, not the other way around.

But what about our ever-changing world; the one which, according to Heraclitus, constantly flows? If the action that we take at a given juncture is based on our future needs as such are perceived today, then what about tomorrow, when the current of the river has changed? This is where good planning comes into play, as such is dynamic, proactive, and changes with every change.

Enter “Life Needs”, Eurolife’s newest life analysis protocol. In today’s ever-changing world, insurance may be the single most effective method of securing your future (second only to a time machine), by removing a great deal of uncertainty from it. Whether it be life insurance, pension planning or your children’s college fund, the “Life Needs” analysis takes into account every single parameter in your life equation and produces personalized recommendations for all your insurance plans, so as to enable you to take the best course of action today that will lead to the tomorrow that you have imagined. And, in the not-so-rare case that your circumstances change and life takes a different turn than the one you had in mind, the frequency with which the analysis is carried out (at least once a year, or even sooner if the client so wishes) ensures that no detail is too minute to be spared; no need too insignificant to be left unattended. Everything is accounted for, down to the last worry.

With “Life Needs”, your insurance plans are modeled after your personal needs; your tomorrow is reverse-engineered with a view to devising the actions of today.

“Life Needs” enables you to continue living life as you have come to know it.

Think of it as future-proofing your life.

For more information on insurance plans and a Bespoke Life Needs analysis tailor- made to your personal needs and goals you may contact me by Linked in or at +357 99531119.

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