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4 years ago · by · Comments Off on What you need to know about financial planning as you get older.

What you need to know about financial planning as you get older.

There are two key concerns of any individual as they age – how to protect and care for their family now, and how to protect and care for their family once they are no longer around.“It’s a difficult subject for many people to consider, but you really have to be thinking about the future and what could happen,” says Stathis P. Stasis, a business insurance expert with specialties in life insurance and pension plans. As a business insurance advisor at Eurolife in Nicosia, Cyprus with many years of experience under his belt, Stathis P. Stasis has been assisting corporate customers and individuals with the aim of facilitating the growth of wealth and protecting their income and assets.The single best thing that you can be doing during your peak earning years, says Stasis, is creating a pension plan that will grow wealth so that it will be available for you later in life. When it comes to pension plans, there are several options. Stasis, for example, recommends an option similar to Capital Builder, an investment option at EuroLife that provides supplementary income in retirement. The Capital Builder plan is specifically targeted at individuals looking to save for their retirement.It is also important now to think about ways to protect and care for your family later. According to Stasis, the single best thing that you can be doing now is taking out a life insurance policy that will provide protection for your family when you no longer can work. At EuroLife, anyone from age 17 to 70 can be insured, and it’s up to the individual taking out a plan to choose the level of the plan, as well as how the payments will be made in the future.“Typically, we see people start thinking about this only when they are set to retire. That’s really too late,” says Stathis. Ideally, according to other independent financial planning experts, you should start planning already when you are in your 30s. For pension plans, this is especially important – you will have enough time to let the power of compounding money grow wealth in your pension plan. Assuming even a very conservative annual compounding rate of 3 percent a year, getting started early can make all the difference.And, by starting early, you will get the possible rates for life insurance policies. Remember – getting life insurance quotes is really all about calculating the risk of death. Which person do you think an insurance company would rather insure – a relatively healthy 30-year-old, or a 50-year-old with mounting health problems?For over six years now, Stathis has been making it his mission to help individuals with their life insurance and pension plan needs. It’s already shown enormous dividends. “My mission is keeping families and businesses together when the best happens and when the worst happens,” says Stathis.As a result, thinking about the future shouldn’t be cause for alarm. Doing some thinking now, says Stathis, could be the key to enjoying the rest of your life as much as you’ve enjoyed the first part of your life.

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